R1 Party Pack

R1 Industries whips


Available Now!

If you're looking to turn heads and bring the party to the trails this is the kit for you! With over 650 Lumens per pod our Smart phone controlled rock lights will add that touch that your friends will go crazy about. Since we know that's not enough you will also get two of the best led light whips on the market! With 400 different modes our whips will provide you with endless entertainment. Our party packages ship in two different boxes so please be patient until both boxes are received.

What's Included:

- Your Choice of 2 four foot Wildcat Extreme Remote Whips (Bluetooth or remote) With Wiring Harness and Flags.
- 8 Pod Bluetooth rock lights
- 2 Roll Bar Mounts


*The Rock Lights and Whips run off two separate apps and will not sync.