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From Raw to Ready While You Travel


CHILI • STEW…and so much more!

The A.T. Hotbox is the new way to eat
no matter the destination…


The A.T. Hotbox is plumbed into the UTV’s motor’s bypass coolant line.

As the motor runs, it heats the element inside to temperatures hot enough to warm and even
cook food safely.

The temperature is determined by your motor’s thermostat, but typically averages between 180-200 degrees F.

Our specially designed mounting brackets make it easy to safely and securely fasten your Hotbox.

For other models, use the four 1/4 20 rivnuts already secured in the bottom of the Hotbox.

Once installed and mounted, all that’s left is to
load it up..

And hit the road!

HotBox Dimensions:
14 5/8″L x 8 1/2″W x 8 1/2″H

less than 13 lbs.

General Installation Instructions for the A.T. Hotbox

1 – Determine your mounting location 

2 – Locate bypass line on motor (Fig 2) **If unsure, contact dealer to inquire about your model’s make and location of bypass line**

3 – Determine where to route hose to box, drill for hose ¾” - 1” hole

4 – Take two (2) needle nose vise grips, pinch off and cut bypass hose in half, approximately centered or best spot to go up through the bed to the predetermined mount location **Some older models will require a bit more intricate work – see website video for better instruction assistance**

5 – Install two (2) 3/8” couplers supplied in Install Kit and crimp on bypass line with oetiker clamps or stainless steel hose clamps

6 – Clamp on 3/8” hose, run up the holes drilled in bed to box mounting location

7 – Cut hose to desired length and fill with antifreeze compatible to your unit

8 – Unclamp vise grips – you now should have full lines to motor with no air

9 – Take supplied 4” length of clear hose, put on left side outlet of the A.T. Hotbox as you face it. With small funnel fill the A.T. Hotbox line with antifreeze (this should take approximately 14 ounces)

10 – Connect hose to the A.T. Hotbox and clamp. Check hoses to make sure not hitting exhaust or rubbing on anything. Zip tie as needed to prevent any potential rubbing

11 – Start unit and inspect for leaks. Allow to idle as to get to running temperature (usually approximately 180*), blip throttle a few times to assist any air bubbles that may have gotten caught in line while filling