Work through the Cold
Picture this: you’re a hardworking contractor heading to a job site on a chilly winter morning. The freezing temperatures are slowing you down—but they don’t have to. Add SuperATV’s In-Dash Heater to your Polaris General 1000 to stay warm so you can focus on your job.
  • Mounts in your dash
  • Defrost your windshield
  • Provides comfort
  • Easy to install
  • Optional second-row heater

Mounts in Your Dash
Don’t let the cold freeze your productivity (no pun intended)—our in-dash heater easily mounts inside your dash, drawing heat directly from your engine. And with multiple fan settings, you have full control over your cab’s comfort level no matter how much the temp drops.

Frost-Free Windshield
When you’re heading out to plow the driveway, the last thing you want to do is scrape your frosted windshield. Thanks to our clever design, you won’t have to. This in-dash cab heater comes with all the necessary vents and hoses to defrost your windshield. Say hello to a clear view on those frosty mornings.

Ultimate Comfort
Thanks to this Polaris General 1000 in-dash heater, your cab becomes a refuge of comfort on the coldest mornings. By tapping into the engine’s heat, this heater keeps your cab warm as long as your engine is running. It’s equipped with a top-notch radiator hose that can handle extreme temperatures ranging from freezing -40°F to scorching 285°F. Embrace the cold instead of dreading it.

Stress-Free Installation
You’ve got more important things to do than spending all day installing a heater. That’s why we’ve designed this in-dash heater to have a quick and painless installation process. With all the necessary components included—hoses, tubing, clamps, hose pliers, and more—you get everything you need to install this bad boy in no time.

Add a Back-Row Heater
If your passengers are shivering in the back, you need a second-row heater. Positioned in a steel housing between the seats in the back row, this heater is secured using high-quality brackets, mounts, and clamps. The tubing is routed from the front to the rear, connecting through the back firewall. Offering various fan settings, this heater allows your passengers full control over their airflow.

WARNING: This product can impact machine operation. Customer and/or user is responsible for ensuring that this product is compatible with their machine as currently configured, properly installed, and understands any impact this product has or might have on the machine's operation.

 California Proposition 65 Warning 
WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Adjustable fan speeds
  • 360° adjustable vents
  • Includes defrost hoses and vents
  • Built-in shutoff valve
  • 5.2 amps at 13.6 volts
  • Capable of 20,000 BTU at 135 CFM
  • High-grade radiator hoses—rated -40°F to 285°F
  • IP67 rating
  • Easy install—includes all necessary hardware and instructions

Optional Second-Row Heater Features:
  • Mounts between the second-row seats
  • Adjustable temperature and fan speeds
  • 360° adjustable vents
  • High-grade radiator hoses—rated -40°F to 285°F
  • 3.4 amps at 13.7 volts
  • Capable of 14,600 BTU at 135 CFM
  • Built-in shutoff valve
  • Heater control box measures 10" x 4.5" x 11.75"
  • Polaris General : 2016+
  • Polaris General 4 : 2017+

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