WPS SKU: WPS-63-18019


Polaris Pro Fit
  • Will withstand washing with a hose, but don't submerge it!
  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Set preferred color for functional or accent lighting: red for night vision or accent; green for night vision or accent; or blue for accent
  • 2 intensity settings: 30 Lumen Low or 120 Lumen High
  • 4 AAA Duracell batteries included
  • Powder coated cast aluminum for lightweight performance and durability
  • High grade corrosion resistant hardware for years of reliable trouble free performance
  • Clamp design provides extreme clamping power, minimal interference with other accessories, and a simple installation
  • Set bolts can lock mirror into plate or be adjusted to allow for smooth movement with enough resistance for micro adjustment
  • Locking block and bolts lock ball stud in place to prevent unwanted movement under the roughest condition
  • High resolution laser etched graphics on powder coated cast aluminum finish won’t wear off
  • Shatter resistant safety glass
  • Convex surface provides super wide viewing range with added image stability
  • High optic glass with chrome plated backing provides superior image clarity and definition