DWA SKU: FWSH-1000T19-24

3.0 / 5.0 based on 3 reviews



  • Full 1/4" DOT Safety Glass
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Textured Black Powder Coat
  • Dual Air Flow Adjustable Vents
  • Less Frame-More Glass for Maximum Viewing

Protect yourself and your fellow riders from the weather with this full glass front windshield. It'll make your rides smoother, whether it's sunny or rainy!  YEAH BABY!  This windshield provides full coverage to protect you and your fellow riders from harsh weather conditions. With its durable glass and sturdy design, you can enjoy your rides with peace of mind, rain or shine.

Maximize Airflow: Promote a Cooler Environment and Eliminate Dust and Dirt Buildup in the Cab.

Customize your FRONT WINDSHIELD with a wide range of stock and custom colors available. Contact us via the CONTACT US section for more information on color options.  Also, see common colors available in the emblem color choices on this page.

Every windshield we produce is made with Laminated Clear Safety Glass just like automobile glass. Each windshield has two independently working Vents which can be open or closed depending on the weather. The Aluminum Frames are Powder Coated in Textured Black which is more scratch resistant than standard smooth Powder Coats. Each windshield was templated by our team of fabricators using the best technology and equipment to get the best fit possible.

Please note that because of the nature of how these machines are put together and how they are made, no two machines are ever exactly alike and that's why we leave a minimum tolerance to accommodate for each machine.

REALIZE this does not convert your machine into a Submarine. Expect minimal to no water entering through your windshield where it links to the roof or a similar point.



  1. 11 mm or 7/16" Wrench
  2. #3 Phillips Screwdriver

OPTIONAL:  Screw Gun with 11 mm or 7/16" Socket and #3 Phillips Tip

Embrace the grime with this FRONT WINDSHIELD!           
Have a DiRtY DAY in Style!

Rear Windshield also available! 2-SEAT or 4-SEAT

Electric Windshield Wiper Kit for HONDA TALON - CLICK HERE


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James Kearney
Honda Talon Windshield

There was confusion on when it would ship, creating issues because they require a signature on arrival. Once unboxed, the lever that operates the vent on the drivers side was severely bent and will have to be repaired. I’m very disappointed in the engineering of the mounting system. The holes on the top don’t appear to be machined but looks like someone drilled holes next to each other. Also, they are undersized for the factory mounting holes and will need to be modified. The hardware for the bottom uses a 2” metal electrical clamp which is too big for the diameter of the roll bar. If this isn’t modified it will rattle. Additionally, the clamp digs into the rubber molding that hold the glass in and will eventually tear the molding. The weather strip that is used in the edges of the vents is lose and simply pushed on and will surly blow off the first time on the trail. Lastly, the hardware for the vent doors is all chrome which looks very out of place on most SXS. Overall, very disappointed in the fit and finish for the price.

Scot Cochran
Not real happy

The fit and finish is poor for a $700 windshield. I expected more. First of all the contour over the hood doesn't match hood well. Pushes on the center section a lot and doesn't touch the hood where the doors come down.. Wasn't supplied correct clamps but you did send me new ones. Not that they were needed but the instructions provided were for a different window.. The bracket on the passenger side was completely bent in then I realized they were thin cheap aluminum instead of steel. Bent them back with a rubber mallet. Can't close the bottom completely because the slot in the bracket isn't long enough. The window rattles like crazy because it hits the top tube of the car. Should include a small strip of padding.
The engineering on this window is poor. Seems it was developed in someone's garage.

Wade Gipson
Honda talon front windshield

Great look! Let’s plenty of air in when needed.