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$199.00 $199.00

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$199.99 - $349.00
The patented “JackDaddy™” U.S. Pat. No. 9,776,840 B2 is a lightweight and compact universal jack. When used, it safely loads the suspension, compresses the shock and keeps the tire low to the ground for quick and efficient repairs. It literally takes 7 to 11 seconds to get your UTV in the air.  Once the UTV is in the air the patented "JackDaddy" Lock can be put in place converting it immediately into a jack stand.  This is the only jack able to make this claim.

There is currently no other product on the market that can compete or compares to the speed, versatility and ease-of-use to the patented “JackDaddy™”. It is a must-have tool needed on every UTV, especially when venturing off road.
Every jack includes:
  • 1ea JackDaddy
  • 1ea Extension shaft for taller side-by-sides
  • 2ea Billet aluminum roll bar mounting brackets (will fit 1″ – 2″ diameter tube)
  • 1ea Safety lock
  • 4ea Easy-to-install brackets for each tire

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