R1 Industries whips


Get the best UTV whips and rock lights on the market together — and save — with R1 Industries Party Pack.

R1 Industries is known for incredibly strong and vibrant LED light whips. Each whip has not only been researched and designed by certified engineers to withstand extreme abuse over a long period of time, every R1 Industries whip is backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Pair the whips with our rock lights that have been designed and built from the ground up with our super high-temp PCB board and 24 of the brightest LEDs on the market, to look good on your machine during the day and night!

You can now sync the brightest rock lights in the industry with your R1 Industries Wildcat Extreme whips—and it's all plug-&-play!

What You Get In The Party Pack:

  • Bluetooth controls
  • An industry-leading, lifetime warranty
  • Each Wildcat Extreme whip uses the brightest 5050 LED lamps on the market
  • An ultra-clear UV-resistant heat shrink allows for super-bright, vibrant colors
  • Tightly wrapped LEDs give maximum protection and look clean and crisp
  • Syncing whips and rock lights
  • Insanely bright 24-watt rock lights
  • Mesmerizing colors and patterns
  • Work together off the same app (BLEDIM)
  • 2 Wildcat Extreme LED light whips (choose size)
  • 2 quick-release whip mounts (universal base)
  • 2 high-quality double-sided flags (not in 18-inch)
  • 1 dual wiring harness (12 feet)
  • 9 24-watt rock light pods
  • 1 one-way to five-way splitter
  • 1 one-way to four-way splitter
  • 1 Bluetooth control module
  • 9 12-foot rock light leads
  • 18 Mounting bolts
  • 1 instruction set

Other Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage: DC12V
  • Base: Flat Black Base With Quick-Release
  • Whip length is approximate
  • Length includes entirety of product
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • LED Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • All Solid Color Options
  • Preset Mode Options
  • DIY Mode
  • Music Mode
  • App: BLEDIM

R1 Industries Warranty:

Buy with confidence knowing your whips and rock lights are backed with our lifetime warranty!

The Most Durable and Dependable

This party pack makes a great gift or all-in-one option for seasoned UTV enthusiasts  or new riders who know what they want and don't want to compromise!