R1 Spring Mount

R1 Industries whips SKU: 1520


Protection You Can Count On

Most of us aren’t made of money, so when it comes to protecting your new LED whip our R1 Spring mount is the way to go. When using larger heavy duty whips, light springs just don't cut it. They let your whips flop around, damaging your vehicle and eventually, breaking your whip. Our R1 spring is different. Made from 6mm chromium-plated spring steel, our R1 Spring mount guarantees the best protection for your whips.

Our spring base is cross-compatible with multiple brands of whips and can support any whip that uses 1/2"x20 threads.


  • Heavy-duty 6mm spring
  • Chromium plated
  • Standard 1/2'X20 threads for multiple uses
  • Ideal for many different vehicles
  • Protects against damage