Seizmik® Armory R1 Rack Black, RZR XP

Tucker Powersports SKU: TP-159199



The Armory R1 Rack works in tandem with the Armory SST Gun Case to store and transport one weapon. Designed to position the case over the rear roof line of the RZR and lock the case in place on the rack with the gun always pointed up and away for superior muzzle control. Easily install or remove the case without the use of tools. The Armory R1 Rack features a durable, glass-filled nylon lever that's large enough to easily operate with gloves or mittens, once released the case simply lifts out.



  • Holds one Seizmik® Armory SST Gun Case
  • Heavy-gauge steel frame holds gun cases steady
  • Spring-loaded binding offers quick and secure case load and release
  • Thick steel-mounting plate installs quickly and easily
  • Gun barrel is kept facing up and away from users
  • Designed specifically for the RZR with safety in mind.

Dealer Notes

  • Seizmik® Armory SST Gun Case sold separately