The Clamp-On Holder for Dirt Bike

Whip-It Flags SKU: WF-WW27





The Clamp-On Holder is designed to be fast and easy to install. Place the holder over your rear axle nut, tightening the Allen screw (wrench provided) insert your flag and you’re ready to go.

  • Clamps over the exterior of the swing arm axle nut.
  • Comes with Allen wrench and new cotter pin.
  • The 12 point star allows rider to angle the safety flag where desired.
  • Ejection slot for easy removal of broken flags.
  • Allows riders to reuse their flag multiple times before replacing.
  • Thumb screw enables rider to remove flag when desired.

Sizes Available: 32mm, 27mm

Note: When ordering the Clamp-On holder you will need to know your rear axle nut size. If you do not know the size of the axle nut. You may use a metric socket or wrench to find the correct size.