VISION X UNITE LED Light Bar With Curved Rails 20"

Vision X Lighting SKU: VX-4620000



Vehicles Have Curves.... Your Lighting Should Match.
The UNITE LED Light Bar is now available in curved length! 

About Unite Curved:
Not all vehicles are square. Now you can get the Vision X Unite curved modular lightbar to fit the curves of your vehicle. The ultimate choice for customizing the look and performance of your vehicles off-road lighting system the Vision X Curved Lightbar. You can easily design, assemble, and adjust your entire light bar with the new Unite system.

​​​The Unite system features a bombproof solid steel powder-coated base that delivers real-time power to every pod that is attached. The Unite light pods come in multiple styles and can be actuated in hundreds of different configurations! Whether you're in the dark of night, dust, rain, snow or fog, the Vision X Unite system has you covered


The Unite Modular LED Light Bar System brings lighting power and customizing to the forefront by allowing you to build your light bar with endless configuration possibilities. Each Unite light bar can be configured by simply swapping around the many different pod options on our new quick-connect mounting rail so you can create the beam pattern and output to meet your lighting specs. 

Preconfigured Options: 
Unsure of which configuration works best for your application? We did the research for you! Use the drop-down to see the different configurations that we have put together to cover the most popular lighting styles.

Each module features a 4-LED advanced optic design that comes in multiple different beam patterns, output options, and faceplate styles. With the Unite, you’re no longer forced to decide between a single color output or flood and spot beam patterns. The Unite Modular Light Bar system enables you to choose, configure, and build the light bar that you need for your vehicle.

Add Wiring Accessories:

  • For Single Circuit Function (All pods on/off) - Choose the Standard Vision X wiring harness only.
  • For Split Circuit Function (Ex. Outer Pods on/off | Inner Pods on/off) - Choose the Split-Function Wiring Kit only. Note: Make Sure to Select Correct Length!  For Unite Series Split-Function Power Wiring KitsClick Here

Want to run multiple circuits? No problem. The modular design allows for each pod to powered independently with its own separate input. This allows for complete control over your light bar with the ability to run different sections as separate functions. Run your amber pods on one switch and your white ones on another or your spot pods on one switch and your flood pods on another. The possibilities are endless.

  • Curved Light Bar to Flow With Front Bumpers and Roofs
  • Quick Connect Mounting Rail System
  • 2,100 Lumens per Module (White)
  • High Output CREE Leds (20W White | 12W Amber)
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Wing Mounts Included
  • Split-Function Capable With Accessories


Product LxWxH


Input Voltage
9-32V DC
AMP Draw
11.67A/ 10.33A/  7A
140W/ 124W/ 84W
Raw Lumens
14,784 lm/ 11,580 lm/ 3,570 lm