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The Vision X LED Headlight Upgrade is the perfect lighting upgrade designed to double the output of your Polaris RZR factory headlights. This kit utilizes the factory mounting points to install our powder-coated stainless steel brackets with zero modification.

Each headlight houses 2 of our Vision X pod lights that come in either a focused spot beam or broad spot beam pattern as well as a halo option for added lighting style. The pod lights come with an adjustable trunnion bracket that allows for light angle adjustments up and down as well as side to side so you can aim the light where you need it most.

Worried about wiring? We got you covered. Each headlight kit comes with adaptors that plug directly into the factory headlight harness and maintain the separate high-low beam functions.

Key Features:

  • Maintains Separate High / Low Beam Operation
  • Bolt-On Plug-n-Play Installation
  • Direct-Fit Into Factory Headlight Location
  • Durable Powder Coated Steel Bracket
  • Drastically Increase Visibility & Light Output

Pod Light Options:
When choosing your pod lights for this kit we recommend a combination of Focused Spot Beam Lights (CG2 Single LED, Optimus Halo) as your high beam and the Broad Spot Beam Lights (CG2 Multi LED) for your low beam. This will give you the best combination of lighting if your headlights are your primary source of lighting.

Alternatively, if you have plenty of light directly in front of your RZR, you may want all focused spot beam lights (CG2 Single LED, Optimus Halo) to increase your distance lighting. If you have plenty of long-distance lighting, then opt for all broad spot beam lights (CG2 Multi LED) to maximize the lighting for close/medium distance in front of your RZR.

CG2 Mini-Cannon Single LED
- Focused Spot Beam
- Longest Distance With Tightest beam (1000 ft.)
- Medium Output (1,070 lm ea.)

CG2 Mini-Cannon Multi LED
-Broad Spot Beam
-Medium Distance With Increased Width (515 ft.)
- Most Output (2,250 lm ea.)

Optimus Halo (White or Amber)
- Focused Spot Beam
- Longest Distance With Tightest beam (1000 ft.)
- Medium Output (1,070 lm ea.)
- Back-lit halo Function (May be used as turn signals or added style)


Product LxWxH
Input Voltage
9-32V DC
AMP Draw
CG2 Single LED - .083A (ea)
CG2 Multi LED -1.75A (ea)
Optimus Halo - .083A (ea)
CG2 Single LED - 10W (ea)
CG2 Multi LED - 21W (ea)
Optimus Halo - 10W (ea)
Raw Lumens
CG2 Single LED - 1,070 lm (ea)
CG2 Multi LED - 2,250 lm (ea)
Optimus Halo -1,070 lm (ea)
CG2 Single LED -1,000 ft.
CG2 Multi LED - 515 ft.
Optimus Halo - 1,000 ft.

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