Vision X Lighting SKU: VX-9933665


The Overland light is the perfect way to light up your campsite on your overland vehicle. You can easily attach the Vision X Overland light at multiple points on your vehicle to light up your campsite or a stopping point on the trail. With their low profile design, the Vision X Overland light mount perfectly beneath most rack systems using 60/40 flood optics perfect for area lighting. With only 15 watts of draw pushing a massive 1,140 lumens, you can easily light up a campsite for hours without running your vehicle and enjoy the serenity of nature. Watertight and dustproof, the vented housing prevents moisture buildup making these the perfect area lighting for your overland vehicle. Each Overland light kit includes two way Armor Series Mounting brackets for maximum durability and wiring harness.


  • 60/40 Flood optics for wide area lighting
  • Slim housing design perfect for racks and bumpers
  • 2-Way adjustable trunnion to adjust mounting height and beam angle
  • 1,140 lumens per light (ea)
  • Low power draw (15W) (ea)
  • Wiring Harness Included